3 Inch Dia. 12-Pack Clear Glass Furniture Coasters/Caster Cups by A29

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  • Heavy duty clear glass furniture coasters or caster cups which are robust for large and heavy furniture like sofas, cabinets and tables
  • Help prevent furniture marks on the carpet and damage to wooden floors. Your furniture will rest in shape and one-place on your carpet
  • These caster cups are Outer Dia.: 3", Inner Dia: 2 1/4", Height: 3/4", Depth: 1/2", but can fit both broad and narrow furniture legs. On your skinny furniture legs, these coasters are best use to prevent deep indentation from forming
  • Guaranteed best quality at an unbeatable price. These clear glass caster cups will blend into your décor seamlessly
  • Apart from being used as furniture caster cups, they can also be used as Tea light candle holders. This items is "Sold as a Set of 12"
  • This is a set of 12 vintage clear glass furniture coasters or caster cups which are commonly used mid-century household item. They are made of cast glass with a shallow cup to prevent marks on your carpet or wooden floors by furniture feet. These heavy duty caster cups are strong enough for large and heavy furniture pieces. Most used for furniture legs of sofas, cabinets or tables.
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