Tork MB578 Xpress Premium Soft Multifold 3-Panel 2-Ply Hand Towel, White

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  • System: H2 -Xpress interfold hand towel system
  • Ply: 2 - Color: White - Unfolded Width: 9.1 in
  • Unfolded Length: 10.9 in - Print: no - Embossing: no
  • 16 Packs of 135 - 2160 Napkins per Case
  • Turk Xpress Premium Soft Multifold Hand Towels. Larger, stronger towels don't tab or break apart, providing reliable one-at-a-time dispensing. Customer's hands dry faster thanks to greater absorbency and overall better performance. High-performance towels help customers use fewer, resulting in greater cost savings. Maintain a high-end image with reduced waste and clutter. Combine softness with sustainability for quick dry performance. This product contains a minimum of 50% recycled fiber content and a minimum of 40% Post Consumer fibers and is EPA compliant. Available in an Easy Handling Carry Box. FSC Certified.
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