Set of 12 Clear Glass Caster Heavy Duty & Safe for All Floors Perfect Replacement for Floor Mat

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  • DURABILITY: This solid clear glass caster are made of high quality glass providing years of effortless rolling and durability. It can be screwed directly into the furniture leg.
  • DIMENSION: Diameter Wheel:Outer Dia.: 2 9/16", Inner Dia: 1 5/8", Height: 15/16", Depth: 1/2". On your skinny furniture legs, these coasters are best use to prevent deep indentation from forming. Please refer dimension sketch in images section. This item is sold as a 'Set of 12'.
  • CLEAR GLASS FINISH: These casters consist of an Clear Glass Finishing which adds an extra edge to your furniture. They are designed to protect carpets, tiles, slates and other soft floors while keeping smooth and quiet rolling.Mounting hardware such as screws are included in the package.
  • UTILITY: These HANDMADE caster do have variations in the size and shape. However, all efforts are made by the craftsman to keep the pieces as consistent as possible. They are commonly used for small equipment and small space furniture including coffee table, plant stands, bookshelves, shoe bins, toy bins, shopping carts, workbench, underbed storage etc.
  • SAFE FOR ALL FLOOR TYPES: These caster can be used for all floor types keeping safe your expensive wooden floors without any scratch or mark. So feel free to finally toss that study table's chair floor mat!
  • FROM THE MANUFACTURER: A29 offers premium quality handcrafted products for your home & office. Express your personal style with the coordinating hardware for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and the rest of your home/office. A29 is the ultimate, time-tested source for your hardware needs. We guarantee your satisfaction through years of experience of serving customers across the globe. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Medium round clear glass coasters are a classic and pretty way to protect floors from scratches from sliding chair and furniture legs.
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