Linen Feel Guest Towels Disposable Cloth Like Paper Hand Napkins Soft, Absorbent, Paper Hand Towels for Kitchen, Bathroom, Parties, Weddings, Dinners or Events, White Guest Towel 200 Pack

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  • <b>PREMIUM SOFTNESS & COMFORT</b> - Thicker and softer than standard paper towels, these are essential for providing guests high-end comfort and luxury. Check out our YouTube, White Linen-Feel Guest Towels, to see the quality of these Guest Towels.
  • DISPOSABLE CONVENIENCE - Though these white hand towels look and feel like real linen, they're disposable and affordable which makes them cost effective.
  • ABSORBENCY - Just like a good bathroom hand towel, these disposable cloth napkins provide superior absorbency and won't fall apart.
  • IDEAL FOR HOME, WORK OR EVENTS - Use American Homestead Linen-Feel Guest Towels in a personal bathroom, corporate restrooms or for weddings and events.
  • PERFECT DRYING SIZE - Each towel folds out to 12" x 17" in overall size and 8.5" x 4.25" folded, giving you and/or guests ample drying space after washing your hands or face.
  • Add elegance and stylish comfort to your guest bathroom, wedding venue or corporate event with cloth-like disposable guest towels.

    The quality of the hand towels in your bathroom or event play a major factor in how a guest views both you and the event. If they're made of a thin, cheap-feeling paper that doesn't dry their hands, that will reflect on how they view the rest of their surroundings. If they're strong, durable and extra comfortable, they'll know that you care about the small details. That's why you need super soft and absorbent "linen-feel" guest towels from American Homestead. White Linen-Feel Guest Towels (200-Pack) - Disposable Cloth-Like Napkins - Soft, Absorbent Tissue Paper for Kitchen, Bathroom or Events.

    Made from premium ultra-ply airlaid paper, they look and feel like real linen hand towels but without the cost or the need to have them dry cleaned. In fact, they're actually more hygienic and disposable! Great for personal or public use, you won't find a better luxury, spa-quality hand towel without the high price. Check out YouTube to see the quality of these White-Linen Feel Guest Towels

    Product Details:

    • Ultra-Ply Airlaid Paper
    • Extremely Absorbent, Soft and Durable
    • Disposable for Easy Cleanup
    • Ideal Home, Office, Restaurant, Event or Hotel Use
    • Size: 12" x 17" unfolded and 8.5" x 4.25" folded
    • Style: 1/6 Fold
    • Color: White
    • 200 Towels per Order
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