Classic Kitchen 28 Cup Stainless Steel Insulated Hot Water Urn - Water Boiler for Instant Hot Water with metal spout

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  • 28-cup Hot Water Urn with Stainless steel Dripless Spout for easy serving
  • Brushed Nickel Finish - Double Wall Hi Grade Stainless Steel Tank with built-in Water Guage
  • Keeps Water 203°F (93°C) hot - Dual Heating Elements allows for auto reboil when refilled and delayed reboil when on Yomtov mode
  • CE Tested and Listed for Safety
  • The Perfect Solution when you need Instant "Boiling" Hot Water 24/7. Unique Function, Design and Finish make this the perfect Water Boiler Urn for the Kitchen, for Buffet Service, For Entertaining, For the Office or Conference Room, For Home or Hospitality Catering. Simple to Use: Fill-Boil-Serve. Unique Heating System allows auto reboil when refilled with an Option to have a slow reboil overnight when Yom Tov switch is engaged. Sturdy: Flat bottom base--no legs. Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior. Twist-on lid with Steam Vent. Cool touch Handles. Leak-proof Metal Spout. Smart: Heating system will keep water HOT 24/7 at 203°F (93°C). Safe: Heavy Duty cord with 3-prong grounded plug. Unit has Dry-Boil protection that will shut off the unit. CE Tested and Listed
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