Premium Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Sign, iRush Non-Scratching Backing / 3M Sticky Tab Adhesion, Sliding Indicator Works for Dishwashers, Reminder Tells Whether Dishes Are Clean or Dirty - Silver

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  • EASY TO READ: Green side is clean, and the red side is dirty - and you can tell from across the room. No more squinting to read upside down letters or obscure fonts.
  • PREMIMUM DISHWASHER ALERT: End the dishwasher confusion once and for all with this Clean/Dirty magnet. You'll never have to second-guess your dishwasher again. As an added bonus, the Clean half of your new magnet can serve as a gentle reminder for your kids to put the dishes away.
  • MAGNETIC AND ADHESIVE STICKER OPTION: Works on all dishwashers, stainless steel, white, black, wood, cabinet doors. Looks great in designer kitchens. This shutter is small and sturdy. You will love it.
  • PERFECT SIZE AND DURABLE: 7 inches by 2 inches making it easy to read but not overwhelming. It's made of a smooth and bendable plastic that won't leave any scratches on your dishwasher.
  • ASY TO APPLY: Just pop the magnet on your dishwasher door, and magnet side will hold strong.
  • 2018 New Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

    This Dishwasher Magnet is perfect for sticking anywhere you wish and it's also a lovely, affordable present.

    • Made with durable plastic
    • 7" long x 2" wide
    • Easily slides between "Clean" and "Dirty" signs as needed
    • Magnet and adhesive sticker option, works on all dishwashers

    This dishwasher clean magnet will help keep your kitchen organized and clutter free. The gadget comes with magnetic backing and 3M sticky that attaches to almost all appliances. You are going to love your clean dirty magnet - Dishwasher Sign.

    This is an innovative product designed to keep your household and dishwasher organized. Simply touch the sign's slider to your dishwasher to display whether dishes are clean or dirty.

    This dishwasher dirty clean magnet has an easy glide shutter to display "Clean" or "Dirty". Maximize the use of ALL responsible hands in your home with the clean dirty dishwasher magnet.

    This dirty clean dishwasher signs also makes a GREAT gift for all occasions. It is a life changing magnet, dishwasher dirty or clean magnet.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Most appliance surfaces are strongly attracted to magnets. The exception are some high end stainless steel surfaces made of austenitic alloys, which can show low or no attraction to magnets. You may use the included 3M Sticky Tab Adhesion instead.

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