Libbey Ascent 16-piece Glass Set

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  • Graceful, curved base meets pin-straight walls for a starkly elegant presentation
  • All purpose drinking glasses  perfectly serve any Cocktail you can dream up
  • Durable and dishwasher safe for quick, easy cleanup - to protect the strength of your glasses, follow these quick tips
  • Made lead-free
  • Includes 8, 16-ounce Cooler/tumbler glasses and 8, 13.3-Ounce rocks glasses
  • For years, you've dreamt of hosting fancy dinner parties for all your friends and neighbors. Well, tah-dah! You finally have a home of your very own with a kitchen - or even dining room - spacious enough to gather every lucky guest. Which means you finally have the chance to break out your housewarming gift to yourself: The Libbey Ascent 16-piece Glass Set. Whether you choose your cooler glasses or rocks glasses, the smooth, soft, elegant lines are the perfect showcase for any homemade cocktail. Plus, you can count on the curved base of this versatile glassware to raise the status of the rest of your table settings, too. Basic. Beautiful. And cold-hard proof that your hosting game is well on its way to reaching its peak.
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